Broiler feed formulation library launches at IPPE 2020

First installment of Feed Strategy's Animal Feed Formulations Library focuses on three broiler feed formula variations spanning a chicken's life cycle.

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First installment of the Animal Feed Formulations Library series offers exclusive, downloadable broiler feed formulations has launched the first installment of its Animal Feed Formulations Library “Broiler Feed Formulations” at IPPE 2020. The debut of this web-only feature focuses on different types of broiler feed formulations spanning a broiler chicken’s life cycle. The project is created and developed by longtime WATT contributor and Feed Strategy’s nutrition editor Ioannis Mavromichalis.

“The purpose of the series is to provide general information and resource materials,” explains Mavromichalis. “The first set of diets focuses on broilers, whereas next sets will address more animal feeds, such as layers, pigs and dairy cattle.”

The “Broiler Feed Formulations” installment focuses on three diet variations, spanning starter, grower and finisher formulas, providing analysis and sample formulations:

Enhancements to the existing broiler feed formulas, new additions and the introduction of formulas for other most-farmed species will be added throughout the year.

Mavromichalis urges reader feedback to guide the development of future formulation additions, e.g. feed additives and vitamin/mineral premix specifications.

An interactive Excel version of the master Broiler Feed Formulation files is available to download on the site.

The Animal Feed Formulations Library’s rollout coincides with the hard launch of and its newsletter moving to a five-times-per-week frequency. features the latest breaking feed industry news, exclusive content and houses the digital editions of Feed Strategy magazine.

Visit the Animal Feed Formulations Library here:

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