Brazil: agribusiness makes US$5.8 billion in June

Brazilian agribusiness had a balance of US$5.8 billion in June. Exports totaled US$8.9 billion and imports US$ 1.3 billion. According to Ministry of Agriculture, the performance was boosted mostly by the increment in the price of the soybean complex products (grain, oil and meal), 46.3%, reaching US$3.1 billion. Also relevant the growth in the of coffee, sugar-ethanol complex, meats, fruits juices, cereals, meals and preparations exports.

In the first semester of 2011 Brazilian agribusiness balance reached US$ 34.7 billion, a 20.5% rise compared to the same period of last year, US$28.8 billion. In the period the exports totaled US$43.1 billion, a 23.4% rise compared to the same period of 2010, while the imports grew 36.8%, to US$8.3 billion. Again, soybean complex, meats, sugar ethanol complex forestry products and coffee responded for 82.4%, US$35.5 billion, of the exports in the first semester.