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Most popular WATTAgNet stories for week ending February 12

Here are the Top 5 most popular articles and blogs at for the week ending February 12.


From WATTAgNet:

Here are the Top 5 most popular articles and blogs at for the week ending February 12.

Egg producers see big shift to cage-free eggs by 2025

For each of the past two Top Egg Company Surveys, U.S. egg producers were asked to project what they thought the breakout for egg production by housing system will be in 2025.

Why do feed additive manufacturers buy into premix?

Have you noticed the recent acquisitions of nutrition companies (mainly vitamin and trace mineral premix suppliers) by certain feed additives manufacturers? The examples are still few, but the names cannot escape attention. Certainly, this trend will continue.

Is Von Miller a potential poultry industry MVP?

Most people who even marginally follow professional football in the United States already know that the Denver Broncos’ Von Miller was named the most valuable player (MVP) during Super Bowl 50. But there is one thing that many people may not know: The guy knows a thing or two about poultry.

Why antibiotic-free poultry should be reconsidered

Every January, during the International Production and Processing Expo in Atlanta, there is always a topic that everyone talks about, that is, the topic of the show. Sometimes it is avian influenza, sometimes mycotoxins, but I think this time it was antibiotic-free (ABF) poultry production.

Nutriad: 2015 Spanish corn not safe for finished feed rations

Based on the results of Nutriad’s Spanish Mycotoxin Survey, conducted immediately post-harvest, the company says the quality of the 2015 corn crop in Spain should not be considered safe for inclusion into finished feed rations for all animal species.

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