Victam Foundation to sponsor ASEAN Feed Summit during 2014 shows

Gathering will discuss, determine future policies for industry, say organizers

With the anticipated creation of the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Economic Bloc in 2015, the Victam Foundation has decided to sponsor an ASEAN Feed Summit every two years during FIAAP, VICTAM and GRAPAS Asia, which will next be held in Bangkok, Thailand, in 2014.

The aim of the summit, according to organizers, is to bring together an international forum of feed associations and related associations in Asia to discuss and determine future policies and objectives for the industry. The first summit is planned for April 8–10, 2014, during FIAAP, VICTAM and GRAPAS Asia, and will be hosted by the Thai Feed Mill Association with the assistance and support of the Thai Ministry of Agriculture and the Thai Chamber of Commerce.

The Victam Foundation plans to invite the president and secretary general or equivalent from each association within the region to attend the summit. Victam will pay for their return flights to Bangkok and 4/5 star accommodation during the period of the summit. The members of each association will also be invited to attend the exhibitions at FIAAP, VICTAM and GRAPAS Asia, according to organizers.