Romania 2011 corn harvest highest in seven years

Country's wheat harvest also increased, exports up

Romania’s 2011 corn harvest rose 26% to produce 11.4 million metric tons from 6.2 million acres, the biggest crop in seven years, according to the country’s Agriculture Ministry.

The next biggest crop was harvested in 2004, at 14.6 million metric tons. Romania’s wheat harvest also increased significantly, by 24% to 7.2 million metric tons and the biggest crop in six years. “Romania has the potential to export about 10 million tons of corn and wheat, following the very good crop,” said Agriculture Minister Valeriu Tabara. “The country has already exported about 2 million tons of grains so far.”

Part of those exports — two cargoes — have gone to South Africa, which bought yellow corn for the first time in two years after its stocks fell 37% to 1.42 million metric tons at the end of November.