New Biomin website offers fresh user experience

Corporate website optimized for mobility

In an age of increased user mobility, the new Biomin website presents a fresh look with ease of navigation on all technology platforms — desktop and laptop computers, and mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Strengthening visual appeal while preserving the content-rich structure that embodies the strong research and development core of Biomin, the revamped site comes with the following new features:


  • An improved newsletter design that allows responsive mailings for optimized display on smartphones, particularly to meet the trend of increasing email use on smartphones

  • Large pictures and attractive visuals offer a modern look that combines both useability and appeal

  • A stronger species focus to help users quickly navigate their way to the most relevant information

  • An improved search feature to support timely information search

  • Major improvements in the Knowledge Center such as filters and a dedicated search allow users quick and easy access to articles, videos, magazine issues and more

The new site is now available in English. The adaptation of the new website design to other languages and country versions will follow in stages.