Latest enzyme developments showcased at Provet/AB Vista seminar

Seminar was attended by 25 delegates representing major Swiss feed producing companies

The Swiss town of Lyssach was host to a seminar on 17th September highlighting the latest developments in monogastric feed additives and technical services.

Organised by Provet, the distributor for AB Vista feed ingredients in Switzerland, the seminar was attended by 25 delegates representing all of the major feed producing companies in the country

“This was a fantastic opportunity to hear about the very latest thinking that’s driving development within the feed enzyme sector”, stated Provet’s Vice Director, Dr Markus Moser. “The advances AB Vista is making in terms of both phytase and xylanase efficacy and application are set to benefit the local and global market.

AB Vista speakers included Dr Carrie Walk, Dr Imke Kuhn, Dr Petra Philips and Rolf Speelman. The presentations, which were given in German and English, provided both a local perspective and an international view of the innovative products and technical services being offered to the Swiss market by AB Vista through Provet. Talks explored innovative concepts for phytase and xylanase application, phytase enzyme characteristics and supporting technical services

Rolf Speelman, AB Vista’s Business Manager for Switzerland, added “Based on a portfolio of differentiated and class-leading products supported by unique services, AB Vista, partnered with Provet, continues to strive to provide the very best levels of customer support and maximise customers return on investment”