EuroTier 2012 to feature feed gallery

Area will focus on feed materials, security, processing

Visitors to EuroTier 2012 will, for the first time, be able to see for themselves the variety and range of the raw materials used in the animal feed industry, located in a special focus area called the Feed Gallery.

The most important 600 feed ingredients listed in the EU feed law and the German positive list will be presented. In addition, selected current questions concerning feed security, feed quality and feed safety of raw materials will be examined in depth. A further segment of the focus area will demonstrate how the nutrient availability of raw materials can be improved by means of hydrothermal treatment to give improved animal performance, and how with the aid of data, information processing and processing technology, tailor-made and customized feed rations and complete diets can be made from the broad-ranging feed ingredients data base.

Three main topic areas will be presented:

  • Feed materials, listed according to their content.
  • Feed security and supply in Europe, along with strategies and feed alternatives.
  • Processing of feed through hydrothermic treatment and fermentation.

The Feed Gallery will allow knowledgeable visitors to become acquainted with new and unusual feedstuffs, as well as to find answers to their own questions regarding the quality and suitability of certain feeds and feed ingredients, according to show organizers.

EuroTier 2012 will be held November 13–16, in Hanover, Germany.