Muyang holds supplier conferences

A total of 147 supplier representatives participate

Muyang held a series of supplier conferences during the third quarter before moving most of its production activities to the new production site in April 2013. A total of 147 representatives from 111 Muyang suppliers took part in the conferences.

Muyang Chief Production Officer Li Xinfa, who hosted the conferences, thanked all suppliers for their long-term support and becoming part of Muyang’s competitive advantages. He made an introduction on the new production site, and pointed out that though supplier performance has improved in past years, there is still a lot to be done. “There are favorable long-term trends in China and global agriculture markets where Muyang is doing business,” he said. “We hope that we could grow together in the future.”

Suppliers showed great passion and exchanged ideas on the topics of cutting costs, improving workmanship, shortening delivery time, optimizing the supply chain, new acceptance standards and the collaboration with Muyang in the future.

Exceptional outsourcing is one of the competitive strengths for Muyang to develop a worldwide-diversified business and provide flexible solutions that meet the customer requirements.

Muyang masters advanced machine building and plant engineering technologies. It manufactures core components and products in its own workshops, while sourcing qualified machining and fabrication of components from suppliers’ workshops under a strict Production Direction and Quality Control System. This business model enables Muyang to deliver customers high quality and cost-efficient products in short cycle.