Sustainability tips for the poultry, feed industries

Sustainability tips for the poultry, feed industries

5th Global Feed and Food Conference focuses on equity, prosperity for all

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How can the feed, poultry and meat industries ensure equity, prosperity and sustainability for all? When asked that question at the 5th Global Feed and Food Congress, held in April in Antalya, Turkey, the answers were various and sometimes contradictory, but what was common across responses was that this is now a core industry challenge that is becoming more pressing by the day.

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There remain different perceptions of what sustainability really is, and how to achieve those varying interpretations. Should various initiatives be focused at producer or local level, to meet a worldwide challenge, or should there be harmonized global action?

Speakers at the conference said, in order to achieve global solutions, we must think locally. They also said focusing more on how animals are produced, rather than where and by whom, could offer another route toward prosperity and equity for all, and ultimately greater sustainability.

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