Insect protein closer to be being legal in EU poultry feed

Insect protein as a poultry feed ingredient offers numerous advantages for poultry producers, and the legislative environment is slowly catching up.

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Insect-derived protein as a poultry feed ingredient has the potential to not only provide poultry producers with a new and locally produced ingredient, but its production would help to reduce the waste produced by the poultry, or other food, production.

Read the entire report about this regional growth in poultry demand exclusively in the June issue of Poultry International.

There is no widely established practice of farming insects for use in animal feed. In Europe, for example, inclusion of insects in animal diets is prohibited, meaning that, despite the possible benefits, insect-derived protein remains unavailable.

Work to demonstrate the nutritional value and safety of insect meal, as well as testing of various production models, is ongoing, and two companies recently showcased their approaches at the Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture.

Find out more about what these companies are doing, and the next steps on the path toward approval of insect protein in food and feed.

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