High amounts of vomitoxin found on Ontario corn crop

Some tests coming back with type affecting pigs

The fungal disease vomitoxin is being reported in large amounts in Southwestern Ontario’s corn crop, and some field tests are coming back with high levels of the type of vomitoxin that pigs are particularly sensitive to, according to reports.

The disease, which appears in overly wet conditions and can sicken livestock if consumed in high concentrations, is already being monitored by the industry. “We are well aware of the problem and are on top of it,” said Angelo Ligori, head of GreenField Ethanol Inc’s ethanol facility. 2010’s corn crop was relatively vomitoxin-free, while 2006 and 2008’s crops had high levels of the disease. The industry standard is two parts per million.

The extent of the problem won’t be known until after the harvest is completed, according to farmers.