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Athian and BiomEdit announce collaboration

Developing sustainability protocols and products

Athian, the world’s first cloud-based carbon marketplace for the livestock industry, and BiomEdit, an emerging animal health biotechnology company, announced a collaboration to validate groundbreaking protocols from sustainability outcomes in livestock production based on product innovation in development from BiomEdit.

BiomEdit is advancing innovative programs based on its unique platform combining microbiome science and synthetic biology to introduce novel biologic products targeting significant challenges facing animals, humans and its shared habitat. The collaboration with Athian features the company’s leading research program to find microbial solutions for methane emission reduction in dairy and beef cattle. Other products in the BiomEdit pipeline intended as part of the collaboration focus on providing non-antibiotic solutions for infectious disease and food safety pathogens found in livestock.

Athian’s Sustainable Livestock Systems platform is an industry-based analytics tool powered by AI that enables the livestock industry to make good on its sustainability commitments by providing carbon “insetting” credits. Athian’s carbon credit marketplace provides quality greenhouse gas credits that fund livestock producers’ sustainability measures. As part of this collaboration, Athian will apply many of the validation and verification concepts used to develop methane reduction credits to lend additional assurances and market opportunities to antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and food safety risk reductions.

“This collaboration with BiomEdit provides another example where our approach to carbon insetting can be applied to emerging solutions, in this case we are enabling BiomEdit to tune their development of novel methane reduction solutions with this end in mind,” said Paul Myer, CEO of Athian. “We’re equally excited to begin pioneering work with BiomEdit on important sustainability opportunities such as antimicrobial resistance risk reduction and food safety. In BiomEdit we’ve found an animal health innovator that is not only developing products, but working with us to ensure that livestock producers will benefit from the utilization of these new products.”

“Athian is pioneering the establishment of protocols that give credit to livestock producers for adopting practices that offer production efficiency and positively impact important areas like greenhouse gas emission, antimicrobial resistance and food safety,” said Aaron Schacht, CEO of BiomEdit. “At BiomEdit, our microbiome and synthetic biology capabilities allow us to pioneer biological solutions that address these daunting challenges in livestock production. Through this partnership with Athian, we believe we can introduce additional product value that benefits the livestock producer.”


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