FAMSUN aquafeed project in China begins production

Phase 1 of project can produce 150,000 tons of aquafeed annually

The turnkey project of the Wuhan Chia Tai Group Aquatic Products Co. Ltd. (CP Group), which broke ground June 6, 2014, began production on April 10, 2015, in Hannan District, Wuhan, China.

The engineering, procurement and construction project by FAMSUN covers more than 92,000 square meters and is worth a total investment of CNY15.49 million (US$2.4 million). The project consists of one extrusion line, two pelleting lines for shrimp and crab feed, two hard pellet fish feed lines and an extra extrusion line. Phase 1 of the project can produce 150,000 tons of aquafeed annually.

With the support of technology and products from FAMSUN, the project features the specialization of aquafeed and automatic production standards including:

  • Central batching system: The WEM4000 computer batching system with its high batching precision, can measure the consumption of power, steam and materials of unit product; record equipment deviation and warn the maintenance staff to conduct preventive maintenance; efficient inventory management also ensures the scheduled production to be carried out for timely delivery.
  • Automatic sampling: There are 19 autosamplers for the production lines. The samples, after automatic packing and coding, are delivered to the master control room by belt conveyor for testing.
  • Products with different specifications can be sampled at one time: For example, the fry feed also can be sampled in the production for crushing feed for fish.
  •  Dedicated returning line for the materials to save space and time, reducing labor and the cost of packaging.