EuroTier next week — me, too!

Animal Nutrition Views

Ioannis Mavromichalis, Ph.D., gives his views on poultry, pig and dairy nutrition based on his experience as a nutrition consultant with clients around the world.

It appears everyone is sending press releases about their presence at EuroTier. I will then follow suit, letting everyone know I will be there as an editor, trader, buyer and spectator. I will be working in different booths, and I will be walking around the halls. If you’re a satisfied reader of Pig International, please do stop by to let me know how great I do. And, if you’re not that satisfied, please stop by to let me know how to do better. I want Pig International to be the magazine you prefer for the latest technical know-how in the industry.

As for Eurotier, I strongly believe it has become the number one show in Europe, at least when it comes to animal nutrition business. Of course, other regional (or rather, national) shows are equally impressive. But, EuroTier has the aura of a pan-European show, and, indeed, this is the place where I meet lots of friends. Surprisingly, I visit with friends not just from Europe, but also, old colleagues and customers from the U.S. and new ones from China.

So, you can tell, I am excited to be there next week, and I hope you take time to talk to me!