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Top 5 animal nutrition articles of 2018

What topics were most popular in animal nutrition in 2018?

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Read on to find out the most popular animal nutrition topics in 2018.

1. 6 alternative protein sources to soybean meal

Soybean meal remains sovereign, but it can be easily replaced when other protein sources can offer a more profitable solution — it only takes knowledge and experience.


2. 7 animal proteins to use in poultry feeds

Feeding animals proteins derived from other animals might confuse some consumers, but chickens remain omnivores and can consume safe animal proteins without problems.


3. 6 animal feed additives about to make headlines

These six animal feed ingredients are likely to make headlines in the near future — and just in time, too, as they are needed now.


4. Fish meal in poultry diets: to use, or not to use?

Once a staple ingredient in poultry diets, today it is considered either an expensive luxury or an unavoidable necessity, but where does the truth lie?


5. 6 basic feed ingredients in antibiotic-free piglet diets

Feeding piglets has been always a challenge, the more so now that in-feed antibiotics are increasingly removed from the array of useful ingredients.

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