Cargill Premix and Nutrition Turkey debuts at VIV Turkey

After the acquisition of local company Ekol Gida, Cargill Premix and Nutrition Turkey is officially launched.

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Cargill Premix and Nutrition (CPN) Turkey was officially launched at VIV Turkey this month.

Although Cargill has been active in Turkey since 1960, it has been absent from the animal nutrition market. This changed with the purchase of a majority stake in family-owned company Ekol Gida AS, with Cargill benefiting from the local company’s established local network.

The Turkish feed and livestock industries have experienced significant growth over recent decades, making it a particularly attractive market. For example, data released by the Turkish Feed Manufacturers’ Association (Turkiyem-Bir), compound feed production in the country grew four-fold between 1997 and 2015.

Building partnerships

Commenting on the launch, Serhad Celik, regional director, CPN Turkey, said: “Turkey is offering extraordinary growth potential over the next couple of decades. Cargill has invested in the Turkish feed market because there is the promise of growth here and in surrounding countries.”

He continued that the Turkish operations would be responsible for the local market and for several Middle Eastern and Commonwealth of Independent States countries.

Since the purchase of Ekol Gida in 2015, CPN has invested locally, having developed a $2 million technical solutions applications center in Izmir, Anatolia, which is being used to evaluate products under local conditions and to help build relationships with customers.

“We aim to be a fair, honest, and trustworthy partner to all our stakeholders,” says Celik. “Our aim is to partner, not only through our core business, but also though specialist products. What differentiates us is our level of service, and all consultancy areas are available.”

He continued that, in addition to serving customers with nutrition solutions for poultry and ruminants, the company would also be working to reduce its own environmental footprint and that of its clients.

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