VIV Asia Road Shows spreading the word about the event

Road Shows have started to visit several Asian countries to carry the message that VIV Asia will be bigger than ever in 2015.

VIV Asia, which will be held March 11-13, 2015, in Bangkok, will feature the animal production and meat processing industry’s developments.

The feed-to-meat concept brings together supply and demand within the complete animal protein chain, with the idea that animal feed and animal health are vital for meat quality and safety.

The conference will feature sessions on health issues; extended shelf life of food products; meat safety; ways to improve yield, quality, hygiene, traceability, portioning, performance, profitability, efficiency and transparency; and the trend toward systems that cover the entire food chain from primary production to finished products.

Road Shows

Road Shows have started to visit several Asian countries to carry the message that VIV Asia will be bigger than ever in 2015. Special events, features and themes added to the exhibition will serve the needs of dedicated target groups. The Road Shows have traveled to Indonesia, South Korea, Myanmar, Cambodia, India, Sri Lanka Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, the Philippines, Malaysia and Bangladesh. In February, Road Shows will visit countries from the North Africa/Middle East region.

Pork production

The VIV Asia experience will be very strong in its connections to the production and processing of poultry meat and eggs. However, an extra feature in March will be the introduction of a special theme of pork production, in support of invitations sent especially to the top pig producers in the Asian region. Several of the leading international suppliers of pig equipment have signed up to exhibit for the first time.

“In total, our forecast for visitor numbers is that there will over 35,000 animal protein professionals and associated buyers from Asia, Africa and the Middle East,” says VIV Asia exhibition manager Ruwan Berculo. “In fact we think we will have people from every continent because the show has grown into such a big international event. Today, it can claim to serve almost all of the world’s most promising markets for animal proteins, at a time when Thailand is ready to play a major part in driving the food supplies of the new ASEAN trade zone.

Chinese language program

To cater for Chinese-speaking visitors, Mandarin has been added to the list of official languages for the show alongside a special program of activities in this language. The addition in 2015 of a special Chinese-language program recognizes the growth expected in the number of visitors from China. More visitors also are expected to come from Indonesia, Vietnam and Bangladesh.

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