Attend webinar on phytase use in broiler diets

Register at to attendthe webinar, “Optimizing calcium/phosphorous contribution and skeletalintegrity through phytase use in broiler diets,” sponsored by DuPont andpresented by WATT Global Media, on April 8 at 8 a.m. CDT.

Genetic selection for growth has ensured that broiler growth rates have more than doubled over the past 40 years. However, the rapid rate of growth required to minimize the cost of meat does not allow for complete bone mineralization. This means skeletal integrity can be compromised across the flock, impacting productivity and efficiency during processing.

Register at to attend the webinar, “Optimizing calcium/phosphorous contribution and skeletal integrity through phytase use in broiler diets,” sponsored by DuPont and presented by WATT Global Media, on April 8 at 8 a.m. CDT.

Poultry nutritionists, broiler research and development and operations directors, veterinarians, production managers, purchasing directors, and commercial directors in poultry integration and feed mill companies worldwide should attend the webinar to learn more about the requirement and functional role of dietary calcium and available phosphorus in bone development and performance in broilers. Recent research focused on bone modeling will be cited. The webinar also will discuss the importance of establishing robust estimates of calcium and phosphorus contributions from different phytase products, and how these affect bone mineralization and function. Other topics that will be covered include how calcium levels and calcium sources can alter the efficacy of phytate P, cause metabolic imbalances, and alter phytase efficacy and matrix values in practice.

Speakers at the broiler diet webinar

Dr. Doug Korver and Dr. Peter Plumstead will be the webinar’s featured speakers.

Korver holds a BSc. in agriculture from the University of Saskatchewan, an M.Sc. from the University of Delaware, and a Ph.D. from the University of California, Davis. In addition to undertaking practical research on feed quality and supplement evaluation in poultry diets, he is also focused on nutrition-immune function interactions and has a specialty in poultry bone biology. He has had more than 45 peer-reviewed articles published in journals and has achieved more than 570 peer-reviewed citations.  Korver currently teaches introductory animal nutrition and poultry nutrition courses at the undergraduate level, and is a co-instructor for graduate-level courses in advanced animal metabolism and advanced feed science and technology.

Plumstead holds an M.Sc. and Ph.D. in nutrition and poultry science from North Carolina State University, where his primary research focused on amino acid and phosphorus nutrition of broilers and broiler breeders. Prior to joining academia, Plumstead was engaged at Danisco Animal Nutrition (part of DuPont), where he was responsible for application research and development of enzyme products for pigs and poultry. In addition to his work with enzymes, Plumstead also has several years of commercial experience in the feed industry, having worked as a senior nutritionist within the Meadow Feeds Group (South Africa).

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