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VIV themes to focus on ‘feed to meat’ process

By using two essential themes VIV aims to facilitate and stimulate production of high-quality animal protein in the growth countries of the Southeast Asia. This themed duality is prevalent throughout VIV Asia 2013: CropTech-FeedTech & MeatTech.

By using two essential themes VIV aims to facilitate and stimulate production of high-quality animal protein in the growth countries of the Southeast Asia. This themed duality is prevalent throughout VIV Asia 2013: CropTech-FeedTech & MeatTech. 

“The quality of the end products — meat, poultry and eggs — is largely determined by what happens at the start of the chain,” said Ruwan Berculo, project manager of VIV Asia, which will be held from March 13–15, in Bangkok, Thailand. “Consequently, our partners — experts and exhibitors — present the best knowledge and technologies to produce the best end products. They do so at the exhibition, with machinery for animal feed milling and with meat processing equipment and technologies for consumer products. In addition to the exhibition we have a parallel program with symposiums and congresses where we share the knowledge contained within the chain with the visitors. Our two themes literally define the VIV concept ‘Feed to Meat’. What you do at the start of the production chain with respect to quality forms the basis for the quality at the end of the chain.” 

Of the visitors who attended the exhibition in 2011, 12,000 indicated they were interested in animal feed production. A further 4,500 visitors were directly involved in animal feed production. “Yet another reason to focus even more strongly on this theme,” said Berculo. “In the past two years we have been working on doing so in a differentiating manner. This is also a necessity in emerging markets. In these countries the demand for animal protein is so high that it can only be met with a strong production chain and reliable links. And ultimately it all starts with the feed. We will have all the big global players at the exhibition. This makes VIV Asia a one-stop shopping event, with the top of European and American companies and a number of Asian newcomers.” 

A lot of interest from investors and industrial players is expected, said show organizers. “A lot of money is involved in feed production and meat processing in particular,” said Berculo. “Especially at the end of the chain, where most of the value is added. With respect to the primary sector (breeding and farming) these aspects of the production chain are increasing in relevance. This is also the reason why we have organised special themes and have brought together the best companies within these themes. In visitor terms: a complete picture where you will find all relevant technologies and knowledge.” 

A two-day program has been organized around the CropTech-FeedTech theme, with two conferences about innovation and technology in animal feed production. From 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. on March 13, VIV is presenting the debate about animal feed production for technical specialists, in conjunction with Perendale. A conference for animal feed experts, in conjunction with partner WATT, has been planned from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. on March 14.



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