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Adisseo’s new enzyme solution gains regulatory approval in Mexico

Rovabio Advance was recently approved for use in poultry and swine by Mexico's regulatory body, SAGARPA.

Rovabio Advance was recently approved for use in poultry and swine by Mexico’s regulatory body, SAGARPA. A first of its kind, Rovabio Advance is a feedase that is able to effectively degrade all types of non-starch polysaccharides (NSPs) for a consistent improvement in the global digestibility and availability of all nutrients (i.e. amino acids, fats, carbohydrates and minerals).

Due to the extensive breakdown of NSPs in the presence of Rovabio Advance, several studies have demonstrated a consistent 3% improvement in Apparent Metabolizable Energy, digestible amino acids, and Phosphorous and Calcium availability. Therefore, with the addition of Rovabio Advance, broilers are able to maintain performance and meat yield when fed diets with a lower nutrient density, allowing for significant reductions in feed cost. For example, the use Rovabio Advance could generate an extra margin of at least $355,000 per 100,000 metric tons annually, when compared to former generations of NSP enzymes.

Developed through a 10-year research program in bioengineering and animal nutrition, the product is poised to revolutionize the livestock industry with its efficacy across all diet types. Frank Chmitelin, Vice-President of Global Sales and Marketing, summarized Rovabio Advance as ‚Äúa major innovation for the feed industry that will lead to an unmatched reduction in feed costs and nutrient losses.‚ÄĚ

Rovabio Advance is now approved for use in most parts of the world and is available in liquid and powder forms to fit various feed mill applications. More information about Rovabio Advance can be found at

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