Phytobiotics intensifies knowledge management

New colleague Dr. Manfred Andratsch responsible for scientific communication

Phytobiotics Feed Additives GmbH, a global leading company in research, development and sales of high-quality feed additives for livestock and companion animals, has appointed Dr. Manfred Andratsch to the position of “Alkaloid Research Manager”.

With Dr. Andratsch in the team, Phytobiotics will present themselves even more efficiently to their in-house and external audience in the field of scientific communication. Dr. Andratsch will work on scientific topics central to the business, bringing them to the network of international colleagues and experts as well as presenting the results at seminars and in publications. 

A key task will be to set up a global alkaloid competence center, in which scientific experts and the development team of Phytobiotics will cooperate on new product ideas as well as on comprehensive feed and health concepts. All parties shall benefit from the latest scientific findings concerning relevant substances through the network. Additionally the results of several current research projects and field trials shall be available more quickly and be up for discussion. This will be supported by an internal digital forum, in which a closed user group can post and comment on articles, communicating more efficiently than before.

Dr. Andratsch has studied at the Natural Scientific Faculty of the University of Innsbruck, Austria, where he obtained his PhD in microbiology. He then worked in the Department of Physiology and Medicinal Physics of the Medical University of Innsbruck as a microbiologist and molecular biologist, on pain research.