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Danisco’s Enviva EO shown to resolve challenges in swine

New research shows the benefits of Danisco Animal Nutrition’s essential oil product Enviva EO in swine.

New research shows the benefits of Danisco Animal Nutrition’s essential oil product Enviva EO in swine.

The research, carried out in conjunction with the China Agricultural University, shows that that Enviva EO — a product containing carefully balanced, high-concentration blends of thymol and cinnamaldehyde in nature-identical form — is a solution for resolving common production challenges in swine, including:

*Improving bodyweight gain in piglets suffering from production stress, with feed intake increasing by up to 19 percent, resulting in a net profit improvement of $25.96/ton and net profit saving of more than 19 percent (which is comparable to savings offered through Antibiotic Growth Promoter application).

*The development of a positive gut microbiota in newly weaned pigs, which results in digestibility benefits and helps to control populations of certain bacteria that may have a negative impact on production.

*Supporting food safety through reduced occurrence of diarrhea and decreased E. coli counts in feces, which can, in turn, resolve issues with carcass contamination.

Free-flowing, dust and odor free, Enviva EO’s, active components are protected by patented “encapsulation” process making them heat stable up to 85C , improving production efficiency in poultry and swine production.

“Our local research shows that the use of essential oils and other feed additives can increase profitability and reduce the impact of high feed costs. Our essential oils offering can also help our customers improve food safety and quality with reduced use of antibiotics,” said Liza Fan, regional industry leader for China at Danisco Animal Nutrition.

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