Adisseo France wins top honors at SPACE’s 2014 Innov’Space

Adisseo France was one of three three-star Innov’Space award winners for its new product, Selisseo 2% Se.


Adisseo France was one of three three-star Innov’Space award winners for its new product, Selisseo 2% Se. The Innov’Space competition recognizes new product innovation and is held among exhibitors at SPACE 2014, the second largest animal production show in the world held annually in Rennes, France.

Of the 166 companies who submit product entries, 49 were awarded the two-star label. Aside from Adisseo France, E-Cat’s mirage laser life, which detects air pockets in eggs, and Renolit Ondex’s Windbreak, a cladding system, also received the three-star ranking. An independent jury comprised of SPACE organizers and experts from technical institutions select the winners.

Selisseo, an original, pure and chemically defined molecule of HMSeBA, provides a reliable source if organic selenium. It is notable because it is a “stable, reliable source of pure organic selenium for animal nutrition.” According to the company, the product has been authorized in Europe since May 2013 as a source of organic selenium in premix and feeds for all species. It is developed either as a solid containing 5 percent HMSeBA and 95 percent carrier, thus supplying 2 percent selenium or as liquid, containing 5 percent HMSeBA in water.

Beyond Addiseo France, other animal nutrition companies also were recognized. Biomin France received two stars for anti-mycotoxin additive BBSH 797, “the first and only microorganism authorized in Europe meant to reduce deoxynivalenol in feed.”

Cargill’s nutrition additive Aloapur and milk replacer Energy@Milk by Denkavit France received one-star recognition.

The 28th edition of SPACE, held from Sept. 16-19, features more than 1,400 exhibitors, covering nearly 400,000 square feet.

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