Nepal chicken, feed prices up on lowered poultry counts

Capital supply deficit nearing 20%

Nepal’s poultry producers have raised their prices by Rs 15 (US$0.18) to Rs 150 (US$2.64) per kg due to the depleting population of chickens on their farms, according to reports.

A shortage of fuel has made it more difficult to maintain poultry sheds at hospitable temperatures, say farmers, which has led to a necessary reduction in their stocks. There is currently a supply deficit in Nepal’s capital of 15%–20%, said Naran Hari Khattri, president of Feed Industries Association Nepal. Daily demand is around 200,000 kg of chicken, but Khattri said the onset of Nepal’s wedding season will only increase the deficit.

A significant rise in feed ingredient costs has also precipitated a rise in chicken feed prices, to Rs 45 (US$0.55) per kg from Rs 30 (US$0.37) per kg. “We are compelled to increase the feed price as major components of feeds are imported with payments made in the U.S. dollar, which has strengthened lately,” said Khattri. Maize and oil cake have increased to Rs 25 (US$0.31) and Rs 35 (US$0.43) per kg from Rs 19 (US$0.23) and Rs 30 (US$0.37) per kg, respectively.