Dostofarm to focus on US export market

Plant feed supplements to increase the resistance and performance of livestock are Dostofarm’s specialty, which now wants to expand in the United States together with a leading U.S. partner.

Form-A-Feed Inc. from Stewart, Minn., has been established in the North American feed market for 40 years. With more than 100 employees, the company produces and supplies a broad range of feeds, mainly for cattle, swine and poultry. It is already one of the biggest premix producers. With the phytogenic feed supplements from Dostofarm, the company now seeks to reach new customer groups, emphasizes General Manager Doug Renkes. Dostofarm is a strong supplier: The Germans are seen as pioneers when it comes to the development of phytogenic feed supplements for performance-enhancing animal health. In the U.S., the company mainly wants to market the product Dosto Concentrate 500 as a premix for piglets, for pig fattening without antibiotics, as well as for calves and turkeys, explains Dostofarm marketing director Thomas Logemann. In Germany, it is also used for many other animal species due to its appetite-stimulating effect.

Dostofarm meanwhile exports to 38 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. Only about 30 percent of the production remains in Germany and is used for organic livestock farming and also on conventional farms. Health-conscious consumers, rising production costs and the shrinking profit margins for farmers have led to a continuous increase in demand over the past 15 years. 

The main component in many products is oregano, a traditional crop plant that is rich in active substances against bacteria and fungi. The raw material comes from monitored contract farming and is manufactured using a special procedure to ensure constant dosage in the end product. According to Dostofarm, this is a decisive competitive advantage. The feed supplements are particularly effective in the gastrointestinal tract, and can be administered up until slaughtering, do not impart any flavor into the animal product, and do not lead to any resistance. The comparatively low unit price rapidly makes them worthwhile. The manufacturer also developed effective preparations for organic drinking water disinfection and parasite control.