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4 steps to a better broiler of tomorrow

Addressing the challenges ahead to meet the demands of a changing world.

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The modern chicken industry has witnessed unprecedented advancements in efficiency and performance, but continuous improvement will still be needed to produce a successful broiler of tomorrow.

“Our industry has shown great resilience, overcoming many challenges in recent years,” said Jan Henriksen, CEO, Aviagen Broiler Breeding Group. “However, let's address the challenges ahead. Food safety, security and affordability remain paramount for people across the spectrum. From pandemics to natural and manmade disasters, conflicts, avian diseases and climate variability, we face numerous hurdles.”

Henriksen will explain how the future breeding focus and commercial broiler performance will evolve to meet the demands of a changing world at the 2024 Chicken Marketing Summit.

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Henriksen shared 4 keys to a successful broiler of tomorrow:

1. Have a proactive plan for the future

Start planning for the broiler of tomorrow today. Any change to broiler genetics takes approximately four years to implement before it reaches consumer plates.

“To navigate this process effectively, breeders collaborate closely with our customers, staying in tune with market dynamics and leveraging current data to forecast future trends. This proactive approach ensures we can supply precisely the right bird for the evolving demands of the market in 2035 and beyond, birds that can thrive in shifting climates and meet the future's unique requirements,” Henriksen explained.

2. Be ready for the plan to change

The COVID-19 global pandemic showed the importance of being adaptable and flexible. During that time, consumer trends changed rapidly and chicken companies dealt with supply and labor shortages.

“We continually evaluate and address vulnerabilities in our supply chain, bolstering biosecurity measures, compartmentalization efforts and other strategies to fortify supply security. By proactively addressing these aspects, we're better positioned to navigate uncertainties and ensure the resilience of our industry well into the future,” he added.

3. Find a balance between sometimes conflicting consumer demands   

Consumers want to purchase chicken that is raised sustainably, with good animal welfare and that is affordable. Chicken companies will need to find a balance that is profitable, productive and meets consumer demand, Henriksen said.

“By maintaining a dual focus on consumer demands and production challenges, breeders can play a crucial role in satisfying a growing global demand for high quality, sustainable protein,” he explained.

4. Look to emerging technologies to solve industry challenges

Advances in data, artificial intelligence (AI), automation, robotics and the internet of things (IoT) could revolutionize the future of broiler breeding and genetics. These new technologies could help improve bird health, welfare and performance.

“In the next decade and beyond, technology will have a profound influence on broiler breeding, resulting in a transformative shift in the industry,” Henriksen predicted.

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For the first time, the Summit will have two content tracks. As always, one track will focus on consumer trends of today and what will be expected in 2035 and how advancing digital technology will impact how chicken will be sold and marketed in the future. The second content track will explore how the industry will meet consumer expectations by adapting new and existing technologies to raise and process broilers utilizing fewer resources and with improved welfare, food safety and convenience.

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