PFI – The Poultry Federation of India

PFI – The Poultry Federation of India

The Poultry Federation of India is the voice of the Indian poultry industry. Serving producers and processors of chicken, turkey, quail, squab and egg products, the PFI provides a united voice for the industry with government, media and the general public.

With its office in Gurgaon, close to Delhi, PFI was established in 1988. Federation members comprise growers, producers, industry employees, allied industry suppliers and “main street” businesses that recognise the importance of the industry.

The aims and objectives of the federation include encouraging growth and development and the exchange of information relating to poultry farming and allied industries, along with the collection and classification of statistical and other information.

The PFI represents the concerns of the poultry and allied industries with central and state governments and other authorities and promotes the interests of the commercial poultry sector as a whole. Additionally, it organizes national campaigns for the promotion of poultry products through advertisements, conferences and exhibitions.

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