Jamaica Broilers invests millions of dollars in grain storage

Six new silos will help Jamaica Broilers Group reduce logistics costs, enable company to have more options for grain purchases

Jamaica Broilers Group will triple its grain storage capacity by investing JM$830 million (US$7.5 million) to build out more room for raw materials used in the production of feed. The poultry processor, which also produces feed, has started construction of six grain silos, each with a 12,000 metric ton capacity.

Construction of the new silos, situated at the Best Dressed Mill in Old Harbour, Jamaica, should be completed within a year.

John Carberry, assistant vice president for energy and mill operations, Jamaica Broilers, told the Jamaica Observer when the new silos are in place, the company can purchase grain from other regions in the world instead of primarily from the United States as it has in the past. The new storage capacity will also help the company operate more efficiently in terms of logistics, reducing the need to truck grain to the mill. The new silos will also complement the company’s local corn-growing program.