Pancosma introduces innovative non-nutrition concept

A group of 60 distinguished scientists and leading players of the feed industry gathered in Luzern, Switzerland, from Feb. 3-4, for the 5th edition of the Pancosma Worldwide Scientific Exchange (PWSE).

A group of 60 distinguished scientists and leaders in the feed industry gathered in Luzern, Switzerland, from Feb. 3-4, for the 5th edition of the Pancosma Worldwide Scientific Exchange (PWSE). The Swiss feed additives manufacturer, Pancosma, hosted the meeting, which focused on the latest cutting-edge concepts in animal nutrition and health.

This year’s PWSE was entitled: “The 21st century animal nutritionist: the master of non-nutrition.” It reflects a new addition to Pancosma’s series of concepts for animal nutrition. Building on the legacy of the revolutionary “Gut Effects” concept first developed by the company, and promoted as Intelligent Gut Action®, Pancosma has yet again pioneered a novel concept in animal nutrition – the role of non-nutrition as the future of animal nutrition.

This novel concept reveals the increasingly important role of a category of dietary compounds, called non-nutrients, and their effects, which extend beyond the benefits of nutrients to positively impact animal productivity. Non-nutrients, defined as substances with no nutritional value, can be integrated into nutritional strategies, to optimize the animal diet, maximize productivity and lower feed costs.

The speakers at this year’s PWSE used evidence from studies to demonstrate the beneficial effects of non-nutrition on animal health and productivity. Dr. David Bravo, Pancosma’s research director, chaired the event that was divided into three sessions:

  1. Altering the gut ecosystem: new target, new ways
  2. Phytonutrients as functional additives: removing the foo-foo, the dust, and the black box 
  3. Making sense of gut sensing.

Dr. Goetz Gotterbarm, CEO of Pancosma, concluded the scientific discussions, and said, “It is a fascinating revelation that besides nutrition, the diet also provides non-nutritional substances which impact animal physiology. The progressive 21st century animal nutritionists must therefore be masters of non-nutrition, as they will use such dietary non-nutrients to alter hormonal secretion, immune function, or the metabolic capacity of the gut ecosystem in order to improve the health, production and (or) welfare of the farm animal. The new strategic focus of Pancosma is to further develop mastery of non-nutrition; a continuation of the previously established ‘gut effects.’ This novel strategy enables absolute and intentional complementarity with our customers, who are the nutritionists.”

Since the first edition of the PWSE was launched in 2010, the PWSE series has developed into an innovation platform that attracts renowned scientists from the field of animal physiology from all over the globe, to present their latest discoveries in animal health and nutrition. It is the only event of its kind in the feed additives industry, and it creates a unique opportunity for the best in both academia and industry to come together to exchange original ideas. 

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