Training on FSMA and VFD starts in Missouri

Ralco's food safety expert Matt Frederking, who will lead the sessions, is one of the top authorities on the Food Safety Modernization Act

Ralco has announced that Matt Frederking, one of the nation’s top authorities on the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), is holding four regional training sessions with feed producers throughout the state of Missouri to assist them in understanding and preparing for pending regulatory changes. The regional meetings are sponsored by the Department of Agriculture for the State of Missouri. The sessions in Missouri are the first stop of a multi-state tour where Frederking will train and inform numerous feed manufactures and other entities.

A typical session consists a four to five hours dedicated to FSMA and the regulatory framework around Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMPs) and the Preventive Controls Rule. Additionally, two hours are spent on Veterinary Feed Directives (VFD).

“The reason why these events are important is that within FSMA one of the primary goals of the Food and Drug Administration and Congress was to have the legislation be a uniform effort toward food safety risk prevention. In the state of Missouri, we have a group of regulatory bodies showing they understand that their industry needs to be informed about the regulation that they are going to enforce,” Frederking said.

Frederking is the VP of Regulatory Affairs at Ralco based in Marshall, Minn. Frederking is an International HACCP Alliance Lead Instructor and was instrumental in developing the HACCP training course taught at Kansas State University (KSU). He continues to teach HACCP courses at KSU for grain elevators, feed mills, ethanol plants, feed ingredient suppliers and other allied industry members. He serves as an adjunct faculty member at KSU.

“Groups from across the country are looking at Ralco as an organization that can help spread the message that the consumer and the regulatory environment is demanding of our agricultural industry. Ralco has the resources, the expertise and the knowledge to be able to talk, not only to a large producer, but also smaller and medium sized agricultural entities. We take what is in the black and white regulation and transpose that into something that is going to fit their individual facility,” Frederking said.

Frederking also currently serves as a member of the National Grain and Feed Association’s Feed Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Committee and is chair of the Feed Manufacturing and Technology Committee. He serves as a member of the American Feed Industry Association’s Feed Regulatory Affairs Committee.