Arvesta to increase 30% stake in Palital to full takeover

Companies began collaboration in April 2020, deal will allow for international growth

Arvesta has extended its stake in Dutch feed additive specialist Palital from 30% to a full takeover, the companies announced in a joint press release on January 7.

Arvesta, a full-service farm services provider, began collaboration with Palital in April 2020 when it acquired a 30% stake. The press release said the takeover is “fully in line with the strategy of both companies for further international growth.”

Plans to define the partnership between the brands will be developed over the coming weeks, led by Guy Janssens, director of feed additives and specialties at Arvesta.

“We look forward to this collaboration in order to be able to grow further internationally together with Palital in the field of additives and specialties with innovative products that offer a high added value,” said Dirk Van Thielen, business unit director for animal nutrition at Arvesta.

Based in Velddriel, Netherlands, Palital develops and manufactures high-quality additives for the animal feed industry. The company is active worldwide, with about 40 employees and a clear focus on creating sustainable additives for the animal feed industry locally and internationally. It is an expert in butyrate concepts, gastric-stable additives and flavoring agents and sweeteners.