Stay connected, be informed, get LinkedIn

Looking for another business decision tool for your nutrition business? Stay connected in any way possible!

Our digital stats tell me you enjoy reading these blogs as much as I do writing them. If you noticed, I have increased them from two to three per month. So, let me take this moment to thank you for making my thoughts on nutrition part of your business decision tools.

If you would like to have an extended conversation on any topic, you can always comment right here. Or, join me on LinkedIn where we also have our own discussion group. And, if you like that group, have a look at my profile for a host of other interesting groups to join. But, get ready to receive lots of spam threads or opportunities to buy obscure ingredients at bargain prices. Aside from the rather annoying direct marketing, which in most cases is done in very poor taste, you will encounter some really insightful information. I even got a customer going through LinkedIn; all is possible.

And, as an added bonus for all of you following my writings on different platforms since 1993, I will be making soon an announcement about my forthcoming book on piglet nutrition.

Stay connected in any way possible!

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