7 NIR systems for feed manufacturers, producers

7 NIR systems for feed manufacturers, producers

Courtesy Cargill Animal Nutrition

Check out the some of the NIR technologies on the market for feed ingredient analysis

Trouw Nutrition | NutriOpt On-Site Adviser

  • Mobile NIR on-site and in real-time
  • Enables farmers, integrators, compound feed industries and consultants to analyze all kinds of raw materials, silages and feeds for a large range of nutrients
  • Scanner connects to the Trouw Nutrition’s Nutrition Database and advises users on the nutritional value of the materials scanned

Evonik | AMINONIR Portable

  • Mobile NIR service that features amino acid calibrations
  • Enables the reliable determination of energy, nutrients in feed raw materials and feed, as well as amino acids in feed raw materials, on-site and independent of a laboratory
  • Hand-held device connects with the user’s tablet or cellphone
  • Requires mobile signal reception and a handful of feed or raw material without further sample preparation to determine their quality within minutes
  • Can be used to analyze more than 40 feed raw materials and feed mixtures for broilers, laying hens, pigs and fish

Bühler Inc. | DCMA NIR

  • Modular system with the ability to expand to six field sensors with one centralized spectrometer
  • Measurements of moisture, protein and fat content in real time are achieved with SEP of 0.3%
  • Lean cost formulations due to precise and reproducible measurement
  • Consistent product quality with higher production line availability

Foss | NIRS DA1650 feed test

  • Easy-to-install analyzer that allows feed producers to make instant improvements to quality and process economy
  • Pre-calibrated for standard applications, making it ready to test feed products and raw materials for protein, fat and moisture the moment it is switched on
  • Built-in computer with touch screen makes operation on-site intuitive and simple
  • Results appear on the screen in less than a minute

PerkinElmer Inc. | IM 9500 Whole Grain NIR Analyzer

  • 25-second whole grain analysis for moisture, protein, oil and more
  • NTEP approved
  • Accurate, rugged and reliable
  • Network and remote administration with web-accessible reporting available

Bruker Optics | TANGO FT-NIR Spectrometer

  • Stand-alone, Fourier transform near infrared (FT-NIR) spectrometer
  • Faster, simpler, more secure
  • Available in two versions: one for measuring solids in reflection and one for measuring liquids in transmission
  • Speeds up QC analysis
  • Robust, high precision and straightforward operator guidance

Consumer Physics | SCiO Cup   

  • Instant, portable, lab-grade forage dry matter analyzer
  • Smartphone-operated device transforms feed analysis by enabling frequent dry matter analysis in just a few seconds
  • Can be used on-field for planning silage harvest timing at optimal moisture levels
  • Supports dry matter analysis of chopped corn silage (green and ensiled), legumes silage, grass silage, small grains silage, mixed silage and more.
  • Silage calibrations are seamlessly and continuously updated in the cloud to ensure seasonal and regional accuracy
  • Track past dry matter results and trends across time per field or feed bunker/pit.
  • Uses near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS)

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