Delacon investment in Austria to further expand phytogenics market

Delacon has invested $20 million in a new facility in Austria to further expand its market leadership in phytogenics.

With the new hub, Delacon invests in a new headquarters and thus, sustainably in growth and knowledge. The groundbreaking is a further commitment to a natural future animal nutrition.

Delacon continues to research, develop and manufacture phytogenic feed additives in Austria. The new hub unites people from all departments in one location, such as R&D, production facility, human resources, marketing and in-house laboratory.

“After 30 years and several steps of current facility expansions, it’s time to build our new home. In 2020, we drive the same idea further in the new Delacon hub: To create a positive work environment, to train, enable every team member, and to grow talents,” said Markus Dedl, CEO. “The new Delacon hub is a sign of growth, and a commitment to our industry, to feed the world in a safe and sustainable way. It is an important pillar to realize our vision.”

New Delacon Hub for efficient and sustainable future production

The new location comprises around 13.529 square meters and will provide a workplace for up to 100 employees. Moreover, Delacon aims to fivefold its production capacity up to 20,000 tons per year. A fully automated production allows Delacon to achieve the production capacity with the same number of employees.

“Growth rates in annual turnover of 20 percent require new technologies and capacities. At the same time, we aim at creating a great, attractive location which team members are enthusiastic about,” said Jörg Niebelschütz, director operations and finance.

The new Delacon hub will promote a responsible production and consumption. A photovoltaic system will deliver 100,000 kWh to cover a part of the production needs. Additionally, by selecting new technologies, Delacon focuses on resource efficiency.