Prince Agri Products launches new dairy cow nutrition website

Website provides information on OmniGen-AF product designed to be included in dairy diets.

Prince Agri Products Inc. has launched a new website,, which focuses on the role of dairy cow nutrition and management in maintaining a healthy immune system and greater productivity.

Research continues to demonstrate that a well-functioning immune system is vital to dairy cattle when dealing with stressful events such as calving, high milk production, social changes, weather changes and forage quality issues. The new website provides information on the company’s nutritional supplement, OmniGen-AF, which is designed to help proper immune function when included as a regular part of a dry, transition and lactating dairy diets. 

The website also includes other informational resources about stress management, as well as a video featuring Swiss Lane Dairy in Caledonia, Mich., which has reported improved herd health by feeding OmniGen-AF year-round to its dry, transition and lactating cows.