Diamond V’s NutriTek optimizes dairy cows’ genetic potential

Diamond V’s NutriTek optimizes dairy cows’ genetic potential

Company says its new product results in higher milk production

Diamond V recently launched NutriTek, a nutritional health product for dairy animals that aims to enable dairy producers to optimize genetic potential for higher milk production.

The historic rise in per-cow milk production is around 1.5 percent per year over the past decade, according to a Diamond V spokesman. This ongoing upward trend arises from advances in dairy genetics, management and nutrition. However, for dairy producers to achieve and sustain their cows’ health and performance at this rate, they need new technologies designed to optimize digestion, stabilize the gastrointestinal environment, and help maintain a balanced immune system.

NutriTek works with the natural biology of the dairy cow to support:

  • Rumen health
  • Dry matter intake in early lactation
  • Maintenance of body weight
  • Efficient feed utilization
  • Milk production over entire lactation

“We see NutriTek as a ‘game changer’ in today’s dairy industry because it provides a new level of support for optimal digestive health and balanced immune function,” the spokesman told WATTAgNet.

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“NutriTek — our next generation dairy technology — enables dairy producers to optimize the natural genetic potential of their cows for higher milk production,” the spokesman said.

NutriTek supports more milk over the entire lactation – up to 7 pounds more per day in early lactation and 7.7 pounds in late lactation as shown in controlled studies. Diamond V says dairy producers’ cows are producing this milk with greater feed efficiency in mid-lactation, while maintaining better body weight during the transition period.

Diamond V began developing NutriTek more than five years ago. Purina Animal Nutrition, a research and business partner of Diamond V, began animal studies in 2011 and was instrumental in bringing the new product to market.