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Sonny Perdue announces new Sorghum board members

Sonny Perdue announces new Sorghum board members in order to increase producer profitability and enhance the sorghum industry at an international level.

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Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue recently announced the appointment of four new members to serve on the United Sorghum Checkoff Program Board.

Producers newly appointed to serve three-year terms are: Craig A. Poore, Alton, Kansas, Boyd Funk, Garden City, Kansas, Jim Massey IV, Robstown, Texas and Adam Schindler, Reliance, South Dakota (At-Large).

The board of directors play an essential role in creating success for sorghum farmers. “I truly appreciate the time and expertise these individuals have agreed to give to guide their industry and help it thrive,” said Perdue.

The U.S. Sorghum Checkoff Program is led by a board of directors comprised of 13 U.S. sorghum farmers.  “The board of directors works to implement its strategic model, which involves a dynamic relationship between demand and productivity enhancements that will allow for increased producer profitability, which can result in acreage increases,” said Florentino Lopez, executive director of the United Sorghum Checkoff Program.

Lopez is excited about the addition of the new members. “We look forward to utilizing each member's valuable perspective to achieve the goals of the Sorghum Checkoff,” he said. “Each member of the board brings unique set of skills and experiences to the table. We exist to do as a group what we cannot do individually.”

As new members join the board, they will experience the new member orientation program where they will learn about their expectations of service, industry history, board structure and purpose, planning, budgeting, and programs.

“The Checkoff's goal when welcoming new members is to create an inclusive environment for new and returning leadership and to immediately make them feel comfortable with fellow board members. The Sorghum Checkoff will provide opportunities for the newly appointed and reappointed board directors to interact both one-on-one and in a group setting with staff and gain insight into world-wide affairs,” said Lopez.

The board is committed to efficiently investing checkoff dollars to increase producer profitability and enhance the sorghum industry.

Last year, more than $1 billion of U.S. sorghum was sold in more than 21 countries around the world.

Current projects

“The United Sorghum Checkoff Program is currently in the process of developing new strategic goals, which began in January. This new strategy will be adopted at the December annual board meeting where newly appointed board directors will be sworn in and officers will be elected,” said Lopez.


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