Eggs as an anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory superfood

Eggs can become part of this new movement in remaining healthy and active for as long as possible.

Bjarte Kvinge Tvedt |

While most believe eggs are good just for a quick omelet, we need to rethink eggs as part of a healthy dieting lifestyle.

I am reading with dismay that young(er) generations do not consider “splurging” on eggs as worthwhile. Although this does not mean they will not consume as many eggs as previous generations, it does mean, however, that they take eggs for granted. Now that we have convinced consumers eggs are not harmful for their health, they consider them as basic staples, and not something that enhance their health and well-being. Less miraculous foods than eggs are constantly advertised as being the next best thing that will save us from myriad problems, diseases and disaster.

So, for those who ignore eggs, I offer this review about the anti-cancer and immunomodulatory aspects of eggs – plain eggs, not just those enriched with omega-3 fatty acids. And speaking of enriched eggs, there is ongoing research on how to enhance eggs with lutein, a compound that improves eye health in humans. And, I keep telling everybody that the vitamin/trace mineral human supplement is a huge industry; we could make eggs substitute the daily (or weekly) pill of those nutrients, quite easily.

Back to the review about cancer and immunity. I recommend marketing people who advise the egg industry to think hard not how to undo the damage done by cholesterol fears, but to enhance the image of eggs as a health improving food component. As I perceive it, young(er) generations are already convinced they need to take care of their health and not just wait for it to deteriorate and then restore it. Eggs can become part of this new movement in remaining healthy and active for as long as possible.

Here’s a short passage from this review:

“A number of egg proteins and peptides have been reported to induce apoptosis in cancer cells, protect against DNA damage, decrease the invasion ability of cancer cells, and exhibit cytotoxic and antimutagenic activity in various cancer cell lines. Furthermore, egg proteins and peptides can stimulate or suppress pro- or anti-inflammatory cytokines, as well as affect the production of inflammatory mediators in a variety of cell lines.”

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