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EuroTier 2018, and a new calf nutrition project

Time is running faster than ever, and EuroTier 2018 is less than a month away.

Portrait of baby cow calf enjoy drinking milk from human
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Time is running faster than ever, and EuroTier 2018 is less than a month away. It is one of the few events that I strongly recommend because it has become an international event — and it is held only every other year. It's a great time to reconnect and network, and most companies use the opportunity to launch new products and services. The seminars are equally impressive, especially from an educational point of view.

As always, my focus remains on pig nutrition and related activities, but during the last EuroTier in 2016, I had the opportunity to expand my reach into poultry nutrition for a project I was about to start. This year, I will be looking actively for products, services, seminars and anything else related to calf nutrition for a new product I am designing. Young animal nutrition remains my favorite area, if only because it is so challenging.

If I had to find a negative to this exposition, it would have to be its enormous size. It is impossible to walk through all the halls in less than a couple of days, and you really need all four days of the event to truly enjoy the international exhibition of products and services. This year, I have implemented a strict, by-hall agenda so I do not run between appointments. I think this will be a more efficient use of time, especially since I have expanded into so many areas.

Anyway, if you plan to visit EuroTier 2018, enjoy and take advantage of the enormous opportunity to get all suppliers under a single (well, there are over 10 halls!) roof.

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