Poultry nutrition conference proceedings available for download

The Poultry Federation offers years of poultry nutrition proceedings and technical and trade information from its annual Arkansas Nutrition Conference.


While looking for more material on poultry nutrition to keep myself updated β€” and, why not admit it: refresh my poultry nutrition background β€” I stumbled across the proceedings of the Arkansas Nutrition Conference, the annual event of The Poultry Federation. This is a trade association representing the poultry and egg industry in Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma β€” all in the U.S. This link will take you to the 2015 proceedings, but keep browsing for older proceedings and more technical and trade information. A trove of treasure, indeed!

Below, I have selected a number of presentations that immediately drew my attention. Click on each link to download the material. I am particularly intrigued about production and nutrition of broilers in China and Thailand β€” what a brilliant topic. And, of course, anything about antibiotic alternatives and gut health is of high interest these days. As for the rest, valine was one of the topics of my Ph.D. thesis, so I have to keep an eye on it β€” will my name appear anywhere? And the rest, well, they are all about feedstuffs, for which I have a special interest, but I am not convinced there is anything left out of soybeans.

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