Latest updates, new technologies in feed formulation software

A product roundup featuring the latest developments in animal feed formulation software.

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The utilization of formulation software is essential to the production of accurate and cost-effective animal feed. In recent years, the rapid evolution of the “internet of things” (IoT) and new technologies have driven advances in software updates and new product development. To keep up with what feed formulation software vendors have recently brought to market, here is a gallery of formulation products and a scannable listing of their current features.

Format Solutions Indigo

Company: Format Solutions

Product: iNDIGO

Differentiator: Customizable, flexible and secure formulation solution

Latest update: Tool for archiving formulation history for traceability, audit support and data analytics and iNDIGO Labels for accurate legal declaration information for manufactured feeds

Product features:

  • Reviewing and editing nutrient data across multiple production sites and time periods
  • Increases accuracy of forward evaluations by reflecting the true variability in all data inputs
  • Leverages an SQL database for better communication of information between stakeholders and integration with other systems 
  • Highlights and communicates critical business information such as ingredient requirements, product costs and nutritional details

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Adifo Bestmix

Company: ADIFO

Product: BESTMIX Feed Formulation

Differentiator: Allows users to formulate on a collaborative platform

Latest update: Sample basket automatically collects and processes roughage analyses into the formulation

Product features:

  • Reacts quickly and effectively to changes in your ingredients’ availability and prices
  • Controlled generation of compliant labels and tags for each new product version based on customizable templates
  • Chooses the best aspects from any standard animal model (CNCPS, CVB, NRC, INRA, DLG, FiM) and integrates them or builds a custom model

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A Systems Allix35

Company: A-SYSTEMS

Product: Allix3

Differentiator: Versions can be customized by integrating modules to the packages

Latest update: Online equations calculation for raw materials

Product features:

  • Dynamic and online calculation of nutritional values of raw materials
  • Seamless communication with the calculation platform
  • Non-linear adjustment (NLA) model accounts for non-linear effects when optimizing formulas
  • Finds the optimized solution considering the dosage without multiplying ingredients
  • Accounts for formula constraints to apply according to the seasonality without duplicating formulas

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Afos Multi Blend

Company: AFOS Inc. 

Product: AFOS

Differentiator: Cloud-based formulation software 

Latest update: Includes technical constraints of the production process in the formulation. 

Product features: 

  • Cloud database works in virtual formulations from any device

  • Advanced formulation engine includes advanced linear and integer constraining in the formulation

  • Multi-blend improves efficiency to formulate faster

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Asc Mix It Win

Company: Agricultural Software Consultants Inc.

Product: MixitWin

Differentiator: Price/performance ratio

Latest update: Delivers XML data to MixitHandy, a beta web app with cloud storage

Product features:

  • Unlimited number of feeds, nutrients and rations maintained by Microsoft Access database engine

  • Many feed data sets, including NRC and USDA data, at no extra charge

  • Extensive documentation explains rations based on energy, requirement feeding, cation anion balance, etc.

  • Help system provides hints for successful ration formulation

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Editor's note: Product information and specifications were provided by the software vendors.

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