February’s top 10 animal feed industry articles

See what topics were the most popular in the animal feed industry in February, including news from the International Production & Processing Expo.


See what topics were the most popular in the animal feed industry in February, including news from the International Production & Processing Expo.

1. 5 keys to successful antibiotic-free poultry production

Removing antibiotics from poultry growing is making diseases like coccidiosis and necrotic enteritis more common and troublesome on broiler farms. There are ways, however, to prevent the profit-draining maladies.


2. AB Vista launches Signis at IPPE

AB Vista launched what it calls a “breakthrough dual-action product designed to accelerate the development of the fiber-degrading microbiome” at the International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) in Atlanta this week.


3. Nutritional factors in managing NAE production

Perstorp Group hosted a panel discussing its experiences in combating no-antibiotics-ever (NAE) production, during its "Cracking the code to NAE" roundtable event at the 2019 International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE). Held at the Georgia World Congress Center (GWCC) in Atlanta, Georgia, Feb. 12-15, IPPE is the world's largest annual poultry, meat and feed industry event.


4. 4 ways to create positive employee culture at a feed mill

Transparency may be the most important factor in creating a successful employee atmosphere at the feed mill.


5. 4 ways digitalization can aid feed efficiency, profits

Digitalization in animal feed design can help feed producers meet the needs of animal producers and consumers to deliver what they want most, according to Amber McKinzie, global business development manager, Cargill Format Solutions.


6. BLOG: Now is the time to unload animal feed formulas

Ioannis Mavromichalis: The advent and heavy marketing of additives in the past 20 years have left little formulation and margin space in most commercial feed formulas.


7. NAE production practices to combat gastrointestinal challenges

Two of the biggest health challenges with no antibiotic ever (NAE) production are coccidiosis and necrotic enteritis, explained Ph.D. Lisa Bielke assistant professor at Ohio State University during the Merck Animal Health interactive forum on Innovation in Poultry Production and Health at the 2019 International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE). 


8. Vietnam reports first African swine fever cases

Vietnam has reported African swine fever (ASF) for the first time, and new cases in domestic pigs have been recorded in the past week in China, Italy, Mongolia, Poland, Romania and Zimbabwe.


9. Global soybean market will be dependent upon South America

By 2030, Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay will increase their soybean production by 33 percent, according to the economist Paul Aho at the Latin American Poultry Summit.


10. First hemp-based animal feed approvals expected in 2019

Dogs and cats could — legally — enjoy their own hemp-based edibles by the end of 2019, hemp advocates say, and animal feed ingredients for seven additional species are likely to see approval soon thereafter.

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