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Cargill Animal Nutrition targets sow milk production gap

To supplement the feeding needs of the young piglets, piglet feed producer and additive supplier Cargill Animal Nutrition aims to fill this gap with its new feeding solution, Neopigg RescueCare.

Management and technology have allowed sows to birth more live piglets. Sows need support to complement milk production for feeding its large brood. To supplement the feeding needs of the young piglets, Cargill launches Neopigg™ RescueCare. With nearly a decade of leading in liquid nutrition for young piglets, the company is proudly showcasing his next generation set of piglet-focused tools and nutritional solutions November 11-14 at EuroTier.

If sow farm productivity is measured in the kilograms of delivered piglets per sow per year at 10 weeks of age, Neopigg™ RescueCare increases this parameter by up to 30 percent by ensuring growth of heavier, healthier piglets and reducing the need of foster sows.

“As a major player in the industry, it is our focus to help our farmers by developing technology to improve farm efficiency – especially in the swine sector at this moment,” explained Adriaan Smulders, Cargill’s strategic marketing and technology director within Cargill Animal Nutrition. “Here at EuroTier, we’re choosing to promote our unique offerings and know-how to provide a supplement to maternal milk for young piglets as a method to support sow productivity and farming.”

Beyond Neopigg’s liquid milk replacers that is sold under the Provimi brand, the Neopigg™ RescueCare program offers exclusive feeding equipment for the piglets in the farrowing and nursery unit. Neopigg™ RescueDeck is one of them, presenting a warm, hygienic housing system placed above the farrowing pen where the milk replacer is served. The system allows piglets needing special care to catch up with the rest of the litter by the time they reach weaning age. The automated system provides a 24/7 fresh feeding solution for pre-weaning piglets that helps the farmer by reducing labor.

Highlighting the Cargill connection


In addition to showcasing its new product offerings the EuroTier booth prominently displays the Cargill logo in a push to “bring its organizational brand more to the forefront.”

“It has been three years since we were acquired by Cargill, but our go-to-market brand is Provimi,” he explained. “We’re using this forum to better make this connection. If we really want to build on Cargill Animal Nutrition’s strengths, we need to work on clearer brand positioning.”

Given the global reach of both brands, streamlining the messaging will provide a more identifiable story for its products and solutions.

Located at Hanover, Germany, Eurotier 2014 runs from November 11-14. Cargill’s booth can be found in Hall 15, at Stand D15.

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