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7 feed additives, solutions win 2022 Innov’Space award recognition

Learn about the new feed additive innovations acknowledged at the 2022 edition of SPACE in Rennes, France

Metex Noovistago
Jackie Roembke

At the 35th edition of SPACE, the annual French agricultural exhibition, seven new products supporting animal health, nutrition and sustainability were awarded Innov’Space 2022 honors. The Innov'Space award winners are chosen by an independent jury of experts who select the products, equipment and services that provide animal agriculture with "a significant innovation."

Bewi Fatrix BewitalBEWI-FATRIX

BEWI-Fatrix LM 101 | BEWITAL Agro GMBH & Co. KG

  • Matrix-encapsulated methionine and lysine
  • Rumen-protected shape ensures delivery of amino acid supply for high-producing dairy cows
  • Feeding optimal dose of amino acids improves milk production
  • Amino acids not degraded by the rumen allows for metabolic use

Sinea BiodevasJackie Roembke

SINEA | BioDevas Laboratories

  • Improves intestinal health of piglets
  • Reduces antibiotic use
  • Stabilizes intestinal microbiota and the integrity of intestinal mucosa to reduce diarrhea
  • Improves post-weaning performance

Idena Forcix IronJackie Roembke


  • Dietary supplement feed to prevent anemia in piglets
  • Presented in liquid form for five days after farrowing
  • Contributes to the nutritional balance by providing vitamins and trace elements
  • Eliminates the need for iron injections
  • Only available in France

Mixscience MegaplanJackie Roembke

MEGAPLAN | MixScience

  • Modeling tool to optimize the feeding program of fattening pigs
  • Software dedicated to technical advisors to help them optimize and improve technical and financial performance in fattener units
  • All farm and animal characteristics are entered to determine herd potential through the feeding program and then compares to real performance
  • Changes can be tested to identify the best production perimeters
  • Different scenarios are sent to the breeder with technical and financial details according to market conditions

Provimi SilvairJackie Roembke

SilvAir | Provimi Cargill

  • Nutritional solution to reduce the production of enteric methane by 10%
  • Reduces production of methane by approx. 1 kg of CO2 equivalent per cow per day
  • Source of dietary protein and soluble calcium
  • Authorized in animal feed under EU regulations

Metex NoovistagoJackie Roembke

inneus | Metex Noovistago (MNG)

  • Functional amino acids and polyphenols to support gut health
  • Targets intestinal health in young monogastric animals during stressful periods
  • Exploits the role of amino acids in metabolic pathways related to immunity, oxidative stress and good functions of the intestinal barrier
  • Polyphenols allow the amino acids to reach the hindgut and positively modulate the microbiota

AA: Origin Matters! | Metex Noovistago (MNG)

  • Complete amino acids life cycle assessment (LCA) according to the country of origin
  • Compliant with the ISO 14040/14044 quality norms and LEAP/PEF methodology guidelines
  • Gives access to the results of 16 official LCA indicators for lysine, tryptophane, valine, arginine, isoleucine, leucine and histidine for each country producing for the EU market (France, China, Brazil, USA, Indonesia, Brazil)
  • For example, amino acids produced in France have an environmental footprint five times lower than in China
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