Nutritional measures to prevent the spread of ASF virus

Nutritional measures to prevent the spread of ASF virus

There are several ways nutritionists can mitigate the spread of the African swine fever virus in feed. (Tyrannosaurus |

7 things nutritionists can do to mitigate the spread of African swine fever

Lacking an effective vaccine for African swine fever (ASF), the only way to battle the ever-spreading virus is through prevention, and biosecurity is the key. But, nutrition has a role to play, which is not insignificant, based on research and previous experiences.

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Rose says:

Thank you for posting this article. I’m really confused about the role of nutrition in ASF prevention. And should we apply those measures in our ASF mitigation strategy? Since in the article there is no conclusion about the benefits outweight the risks/ specific outcomes of those nutrition-related solutions. I agree that feed and raw materials might become an effective vector for the virus and cause disease, so quarantine is recommended. However, what is the practical application of 0.3% liquid formaldehyde, 1% medium- or short-chain fatty acids, thermal processing, organic acids, phytogenic in feed formulation? Should feed mills add those ingredients in their product to promote that it can mitigate ASF to some extent?
Please share with us relevant studies to help feed producers can research further and apply those insights to their products to lend an assisting hand in mitigating ASF spread. Thank you!