Companies pursue CSF vaccine licensing in the Americas

Companies pursue CSF vaccine licensing in the Americas

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Canadian, S. Korean companies sign agreement to pursue CSF vaccine licensing for emergency preparedness purposes in Canada, US, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina

Canadian biopharmaceutical company PlantForm Corp. and POSCO International of South Korea have signed a commercialization agreement to license HERBAVAC, the world’s first plant-based vaccine for classical swine fever (CSF) in many countries

The agreement, signed during a virtual event, formalizes a memorandum of understanding announced in May between the companies and Bioapp Inc., the South Korea-based developer of HERBAVAC.

Although harmless to humans, CSF is a highly contagious viral disease that affects domestic pigs and wild boar populations, causing severe illness and death in millions of swine each year with significant economic consequences for farmers and consumers as well as serious animal welfare and environmental impacts.

“We are very pleased to advance this exciting collaboration that make an innovative product globally accessible as PlantForm continues to explore new opportunities in the animal health sector,” said Dr. Don Stewart, PlantForm president and CEO. “We’re confident that an effective, low-cost vaccine to combat CSF is the first of many promising new inroads for plant-based pharmaceuticals and for our versatile vivoXPRESS manufacturing platform.”

PlantForm will begin the registration process in the U.S. and Canada, followed by the other countries.