UK livestock farmers concerned over soybean meal sustainability

More awareness, understanding of alternatives needed, according to survey

According to a survey conducted on behalf of Trident, 48 percent of UK livestock farmers are concerned about the sustainability and long-term supply of soybean meal, with a similar number expressing concerns regarding the environmental impact of soybean meal production. Half of the 500 farmers surveyed have considered alternatives to soybean meal, and 77 percent would probably buy such a feed if it was cost-effective and recommended by their advisor, but 28 percent aren’t aware that such alternatives exist.

“The long-term sustainability of our reliance on imported soybean meal is a very real concern for livestock farmers in the UK,” said Trident National General Manager Richard Cross. “But perhaps a bigger worry is that many farmers aren’t getting the information they need to successfully switch to alternative protein feeds. UK-produced distillers’ feeds and dedicated rumen-bypass protein supplements are both more cost-effective sources of the protein supplied by soybean meal, so there are options available for those wanting to change. What’s needed is a much more widespread awareness and understanding of how to use these feeds to reduce reliance on expensive imported proteins like soybean meal.”