Peru to begin exporting animal feed to Arab market

Third Summit of South American-Arab Countries to be held October 1–2

There is a high demand for animal feed, agricultural and fishery products in Arab countries, and the Third Summit of South American-Arab Countries will allow Peru to export animal feed to that market, according to Humberto Speziani, president of the private industry and business confederation (Confiep).

The two-day event, which will take place October 1–2, is also an opportunity to attract Arab investments in agribusiness. “We believe there could be a considerable increase in shipments to these markets and so we must reach directly to them,” said Speziani. “We could start opening a sales office in Dubai or any nearby country.” Peru hopes to present itself as an international investment destination.

“This is a very important summit in Peru, because [the Arab world] is a very powerful economic bloc,” said Juan Varilias, vice president of the Peruvian Exporters Association. “About US$40 billion of investment is expected to be ploughed into the economy.”