KSE becomes 60th partner of Feed Design Lab

Company says it wants to help create sustainable animal feed industry

KSE Process Technology B.V. has become a partner of the Feed Design Lab, the research and education center for innovation and sustainability of the feed industry.

“The world population is growing fast and thus the demand for food. Also the rising prosperity makes the demand for pet food grow, since people are able and willing to spend more money on their pets. A sustainable animal feed industry is necessary in order to meet these demands,” said Rene Smulders, commercial director at KSE. “Becoming a partner of the Feed Design Lab is a step forward for us in creating a sustainable feed industry and that’s exactly where the Feed Design Lab stands for.”

“Through the partnership with KSE we’ve reached a very nice milestone, since they are our 60th partner,” said Trudy van Megen, director of the Feed Design Lab. “Together with them, and all our other partners, we are able to create an innovative and learning community within the feed industry.”

At the Feed Design Lab, feed and technology companies internationally cooperate in an open innovation network to reach a sustainable animal production chain. In order to reach this goal, a production facility has been established in which research to new raw materials takes place, where new healthy feed can be developed, where new production techniques can be tested and where education and training activities can take place.